Bring about a change in your life with Maryanne Butler.  Experienced in many modalities of healing and also an accomplished musician, author and artist. Start your journey of inspiration and transformation here...

Kinesiology, Meditation, Vibrational Remedies and courses in Healing - with Maryanne Butler

Maryanne Butler is currently operating her clinic out of the Vivacious Living Centre, 9A Risely Square, Kearns Crescent, Ardross WA.  She is also facilitating workshops in healing Australia-wide and will soon be teaching overseas.  Please feel free to explore this site for more information on the courses, products, meditations, and healing sessions which can are provided.

Kinesiology, Meditation, Vibrational healing, course in healing, Fremantle Australia

Maryanne has been writing for many years in the form of prose, poetry and channelled writings... [read more]

Music has always been my first love right from a very early age... [read more]

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I always admired the artist and travelled the galleries of Europe, the Middle East and Australasia in awe of the inspired creations by such over the centuries... [read more]

Through her courses, presentations, retreats and events, Maryanne helps people come back to wholeness through creativity, healing and awareness... [read more]

Working wholistically with Kinesiology and vibrational healing to create a balanced body and a balanced mind thereby realising your full potential... [read more]

I have been coaching people to have better lives and make their dreams realities since the 1980’s... [read more]

Maryanne has been giving inspirational talks and presentations to various groups and organisations since the 1980's... [read more]

The Divine Essences range includes a number of essences, spritzers and Majese massage oil... [read more]



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