I always admired the artist and travelled the galleries of Europe, the Middle East and Australasia in awe of the inspired creations by such over the centuries. One of my favourite comments were "God, I wish I could paint or draw"…

Then during a period of illness and frailty in my life when I had chronic fatigue, multiple allergies, asthma and hayfever (and no energy to do much) my frustration drove me to look at other choices. So I went from sportswoman, action woman - to classes in printmaking and calligraphy. It was during my first classes in printmaking that my teacher said to me "you have a bit of a talent for drawing?" which I immediately dismissed. However somewhere deep down in the recesses of my mind it struck a chord and I recalled drawing kangaroos as a child but later put art off to the side in order to pursue languages and music.

Months later when I had moved to Melbourne and still couldn't cycle or walk around the block I enrolled in some drawing classes and at the end of six weeks (2 hours a week) I drew a drawing that I later put in an exhibition in Alice Springs. I was so excited and couldn't stop myself! I worked my way through "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" and numerous other resources to learn what I could. My days were then spent drawing with charcoal or soft pastels, whatever I could get my hands on. We were minimalists, following a bit of a Zen tradition back in those days so had no real furniture or worldly possessions to speak of. So my subject matter often ended up being pillows, boots, umbrellas or old flagons and other found objects.

My enthusiasm for drawing and painting carried over into my painting work so I'd bundle up a bunch of people from the Day Centre (recovering from various psychiatric/psychological conditions) and off we'd go to the Botanical Gardens to draw, the art galleries to learn from and admire the work of the masters etc. Some budding artists emerged from that group with one aboriginal man being a truly natural artist. We used art not only as a form of expression but as a therapy with incredible results. Murals were painted, individual works painted and shared and aspects of the self explored throughout. My introduction of these programs to the Centre was way ahead of its time and the results were staggering. Within months many attendees had re-established themselves back into the community in jobs, courses, businesses, etc.

My love for art continued and saw me drawing and painting on a daily basis when we moved to Central Australia and later to Port Macquarie. I produced hundreds of artworks during that time some which have been held in exhibitions and hung in homes throughout Australia.

More recently I express my artistic eye through the camera and am about to put out my "Spirit in Nature Series"