Maryanne Butler -

Be careful of what you ask for!

Back in the earlier part of 2000 I put out for the opportunity to travel with my work as a Kinesiology practitioner and teacher. Soon after, a client rang me to see if I wanted to go to Canberra to do clinic and teach RESET. Friends of hers "wanted some of what she had had" after hearing the positive changes in her after a few sessions. So in July 2000 we headed south to the cold country. Not only were my skills challenged, but my vision was broadened as I saw the power of unresolved grief destroy the quality of people's lives.

Using Kinergetics and RESET and my background knowledge of Psychology I saw clients challenge long held deep seated beliefs and emotional patterns and take the first step in the healing process. The power of the hydration balances in Kinergetics and the motion balances of Kinergetics 2 continued to astound me.

With renewed confidence I returned home to Dorrigo and resumed my practice in Kinesiology attracting a more challenging clientele to test the waters, receiving positive feedback from clients in relation to depression, addiction, hormonal imbalances, hip, back, and shoulder pain, learning and behavioral difficulties, grief, headaches, and TMJ problems to name a few, reinforced my faith in Kinesiology and Vibrational Healing.

At Easter I decided to head to Byron Bay for the Blues festival and a well earned break for rest and recreation.

While queueing for drinks tickets I noticed a man had collapsed onto the ground and was deathly white. His wife and a security guard were in a panic thinking he had just had a heart attack.

My intuition told me that this man was severely dehydrated, and that an Electrolyte balance out of Kinergetics 2 could possibly be the answer. Hesitantly I approached, introduced myself and said "If you would like my help, grab my knee" which he did immediately.

I executed the balance using self-testing and watched in awe, along with the rest of the crowd, as the colour returned to the man's face and the far away look in his eyes disappeared. I gave him a glass of water and made sure he was fine before helping him up. The power of this particular correction continually amazes me as I have seen it pull people out of anxiety attacks, dizzy spells, energy slumps. blurred vision, headaches, lower back pain and suicidal situations.

This (Electrolyte balance) is a tool I use frequently in my practice to counteract the dehydrating effects of looking at the underlying emotional causes of a physically manifest condition.  I use it both on my clients and on myself to ensure continual protection by the body's energy field.

Soon after returning to Dorrigo I received a call from a Physiotherapist that I knew in the Northern Territory asking if I thought that Kinesiology could help Autism. She explained the child's symptoms and their severity and I could see clearly where Kinergetics could possibly help improve his quality of life.

At the beginning of July I flew to Darwin and after a five hour drive south I was in the heart of "We of the Never Never" country with all its harshness and beauty intermingled. Outback Australia presents few choices of venues to run a clinic so after a bit of lateral thinking we decided to set up a bush clinic about 12 kilometres out of town on the Roper River. One small detail had been overlooked however - a massage table - and the closest was over 60 kms away. With the help of the Rangers desk, a small table, a camping mattress and a borrowed sheet the problem was solved and no-one was any the wiser - it was comfortable!

The next 11 days saw a busy bush clinic interspersed with campfire cooked meals, meditations on the banks of the Roper, canoeing and swimming with the crocodiles (we found out later), ignorance is bliss they say and now I believe them! No advertising was necessary. The bush telegraph operates far quicker and is listened to far more readily than any printed matter. Clients of all calibres fronted with one thing in common - curiosity.

"What is Kinesiology?" seemed to be the phrase on everyone's lips.

I felt excitement as I watched people's lives change, their dreams manifest, families pull together and true healing begin. To hear the little autistic boy speak more clearly than he ever had, to see him exhibit more "normal" emotional responses and to observe the correction of more physical conditions that had been with him for several months gave me confirmation of the effectiveness of the hydration, emotional and TMJ balances I had surrogately performed on him.

I even got to achieve the other part of my goal and taught RESET to a few enthusiastic Territorians, again in a rather makeshift classroom environment. Whilst I was reluctant at first to leave this new lifestyle it was with renewed confidence and enthusiasm that I returned to Dorrigo determined to spread the word about the efficacy of Kinesiology. In the meantime I have since moved back to my home state of Western Australia to spend time with family.

In the new year I will set up a clinic in Perth combining Kinesiology, Psychology, Remedial Massage, Vibrational and Creative Healing and teaching Kinergetics and RESET.


- Article by Maryanne Butler, published by "IN TOUCH MAGAZINE" Issue#60 Summer 2002