Kinergetics Unit 1 - Two day workshop

Learn how to access the underlying cause of a condition of the body, mind and/or spirit and address it

Kinesiology uses muscle testing as a biofeedback system to access the body's cellular memory and innate wisdom. Everything that has ever happened to us gets stored and unless released adequately contributes to dis-ease in our body, mind or spirit. Working to release these stresses held in the Unconscious Mind will not only strengthen the immune system, it will strengthen our entire being thereby allowing us to operate more effectively in all areas of our lives.



  • To muscle test accurately
  • To use healing energy as a powerful healing tool
  • To test food sensitivities and correct body hydration
  • A powerful stress release technique
  • Brain Integration (more clarity and improved learning ability)
  • Pain Release Technique
  • About toxin release, and electrolytes
  • Self testing





Course times: 9.00am to 5.30pm
Cost: $395


Upcoming dates:

  • Sunday 31st October and Monday 1st November 2010



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