Meditation Course - eight Weeks
  • To learn various meditation techniques
  • To meditate and get centred
  • To clear the chakras and the auric field
  • To balance the Chakras using colour therapy
  • Powerful healing visualisations
  • How to ground yourself
  • Simple breathing techniques
  • To experience the power of Intention and Focus
  • About the use of vibrational medicine (essences and essental oils) to enhance the meditative and chakra clearing process
  • Smudging


Meditating is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get back on track when things go a bit chaotic in our lives and we lose our direction or clarity. This course is designed to teach people how to gain clarity and focus in their lives through the use of meditation.  It teaches numerous meditation styles and how to stay grounded and energized.  Designed both for the beginner and the more experienced - it is open to all


Maryanne has been meditating and facilitating healing for over 25 years, gaining much benefit from the many techniques and disciplines she has learned and practiced.  She now wishes to share her knowledge to help others bring balance, harmony and healing into their lives


Time:          TBA
Investment: $160
Bookings essential


Upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday 22nd September to Wednesday 10th November, 2010 [book now]