During this two day workshop you will...

  • Learn about each of the essences and experience them
  • Learn how to work intuitively
  • Learn how to choose an essence
  • Learn how to use a pendulum correctly
  • Learn about the body's energy system through the Chakras
  • Learn the process of making an essence and what is required and much, much more


The DIVINE ESSENCES were developed over the past decade by Maryanne Butler and have assisted in the healing processes of many people both young and old. One of the Divine Essences ‘Calm Waters’ has assisted those with high stress in their lives as well as those with ADHD.

Time:   10am—4pm
Cost:    $320
incl art set to take home
Bookings essential


Upcoming dates:

  • Saturday 25th September 2010 - Sunday 26th September 2010


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The Divine Essence workshop gave me a deep connection to Divine Wisdom.  I felt really affirmed about my intuitive processes, in tune and connected to the earth.  I slept so well that night and was calm and peaceful.
- LF


These essences are so powerful they took me so deep.   i see them expanding out around the world to do their work.
- LW


I got way more out of this workshop than I ever expected and I feel like all the negativity has left me
- MV


Contact Maryanne to find out when you can participate in a Divine Essences workshop