I have been coaching people to have better lives and make their dreams realities since the 1980s. Initially I coached those who had lost their way due to varying circumstances and had ended up living on the streets and under bridges, unemployed and drowning their sorrows with drugs and alcohol. I set up numerous programs for state governments in WA, NSW and Victoria which saw many people turn their lives around and become key figures in companies such as IBM, start up their own businesses or re-educate into their chosen field. Many people still tell me you changed my life to which I promptly respond You did! I just guided you in the right direction for where you wanted to go. This is what coaching is all about helping one to find their dream, their passion or that which makes their heart sing, and then guiding and supporting them to realise that dream.

In 1990 I was interviewed on the news by NRTV about the incredible success I had had with the young people of the Bellingen Shire. When asked my secret I simply answered I believe in my client and know that they want to make a difference in their life and the lives of others.

I could tell story after story here of people who have made major life changes as a result of a bit of coaching from me but I wont Ill save those for the book Im writing right now called Making Dreams Realities.

What I would like to say though is if you are not totally happy with your life and passionate about the things you do in your life (including your work) and the people you share your life with, then give me a go and get some coaching with me youll not look back! .

Theres a reason Ive called it Making Dreams Realities Coaching because thats what we do, together!

Coaching programs:

NB - These programs are based on a one-hour coaching session per month, if you are after a more intensive coaching program, give Maryanne a call to arrange a fortnightly or weeking program.