Musical Journey with Maryanne Butler

Maryanne has been composing and channeling music through since 1985 after a profound ritualistic healing with the dolphins at Monkey Mia which opened up her divine light, tapping her creative soul through the heart chakra. Since then she has travelled extensively both in Australia and around the world tuning into the music of places, people, animals etc. Maryanne has written hundreds of pieces of music and is now releasing this music to the world via various CD's. Her music has been described as powerful, profoundly healing, tapping other lifetimes, and magical. Maryanne's passion is music and she plays numerous instruments with preference to the piano and flute. During her musical performance Maryanne will share some stories from her life as to how the music was birthed including her Dolphin experience. Come along and be enlivened, uplifted and inspired.


"Accessing Abundance through the Creative Soul - Returning to Wholeness"

During this workshop we will attune ourselves to our creative soul and align ourselves to our divine life purpose on our journey back to wholeness. We will address some of the things that block our abundance working holistically with each of these. This workshop is an opportunity to step beyond "smallness" and into the infinite possibilities that are available to all of us. It is for anybody and everybody who is not 100% ecstatic and love their life and living their dream on a daily basis. It is for anybody who desires change or wants to bring more meaning and purpose into their lives. It is for those who would like to reap abundance from doing the thing they love the most.

Making Dreams Realities (talk)

Maryanne works as a "Making Dreams Realities" coach taking people on a journey to release that which gets in the way of their dreams and embrace that which helps their dreams manifest. She has been working with people in this capacity for over 20 years and has witnessed many people turn their lives around to start to live their dream. It is not uncommon for Maryanne to be told "you changed my life" to which she responds "Actually, you did! I just pointed you in the right direction". Maryanne loves this side of her work because it was born out of her own experience of turning her life around at a very difficult time to then live her dreams which she continues to do today. Maryanne is highly trained in many modalities from Psychology, Kinesiology, NLP and Vibrational healing and is keen to share her knowledge, wisdom and expertise with the rest of the world. Come and be inspired and know that you'll see life through different eyes once you hear her speak.


New Earth Festival will be held at the Claremont Showgrounds, March 26-28th - for full details visit expo site