Many years ago while living in the forests of northern NSW I was guided to conduct meditations and rituals in accordance with the moons cycles.  This culminated in a full moon meditation, cleansing ritual and celebrations around the camp fire where we'd not only let go of that which was hindering us and weighing us down, but we'd also invite in what we were wanting to manifest in our lives.  These were always powerful and empowering events for all who attended - it was food for the soul!

When I returned to Western Australia in 2002 I was guided to do the same here in order to bring others into conscious awareness of the phases of the moons and the power and purpose they hold.  When we tune into the moon cycles we become more connected to our own biorhythms and feminine energy and manifest the things we want in our lives more easily and for our highest good. So I began running full and new moon meditations and celebrations where we gather together to share to meditate to ask for guidance and to celebrate.  This involves many things including the powerful Tibetan bowl, crystal bowls, piano, visualisation, are or writing of times and a luscious supper afterwards.  many who have attended my moon meditations over the years have commented that they are amazed at how easily they are able to manifest the intentions they set, or pictures that they create in their visualisations.  When we reflect back over the year we gladly tick off most of the things we had wanted to achieve or bring ointo our lives as having already manifested.

I will be running Full Moon and New Moon Meditations and celebrations through our the year unless I am overseas (or interstate when they will be conducted where ever I am on the planet).

New Moon Meditations Full Moon Meditations
Fri 15th Jan 2010 Sat 30th Jan 2010
Sun 14th Feb 2010 Mon 1st Mar 2010 (Nannup)
Tue 16th Mar 2010 Tue 30th Mar 2010
Wed 14th Apr 2010 Wed 28th Apr 2010
Fri 14th May 2010 (Sydney) Fri 28th May 2010 (Hawaii)
Sat 12th Jun 2010 Sat 26th Jun 2010
Mon 12th Jul 2010 Mon 26th Jul 2010
Tue 10th Aug 2010 Wed 25th Aug 2010
Wed 8th Sep 2010 Thu 23rd Sep 2010
Thu 7th Oct 2010 Mon 25th Oct 2010
Sun 7th Nov 2010 Mon 22nd Nov 2010
Mon 6th Dec 2010 Tue 21st Dec 2010


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