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Kinesiology is a bit like mystical chiropracty, I guess. Like Gandalf prodding and squeezing your bum cheeks while The Grateful Dead jam in the background.

This is the cynic's viewpoint says Maryanne Butler, who has been practicing kinesiology for more than 20 years and has run a clinic in Fremantle since 2002. She describes it as a series of muscle tests that help diagnose and correct energy imbalances in the body.

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From the times of the earliest civilisations music has always been an essential form of communication, expression, sharing, entertainment and a part of everyday life.  Music is so prevalent in our every day life that we often consider it as a soundtrack to our lives.  We listen to the radio while we are driving and as background while we work.  At parties music sets the scene and every weekend there are music festivals and concerts taking place all around the world.  As well as its everyday and entertainment value, music possesses a deeper, healing effect as it potential helps the human body heal from not just physical pain but emotional pain.

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Maryanne Butler -

Be careful of what you ask for!

Back in the earlier part of 2000 I put out for the opportunity to travel with my work as a Kinesiology practitioner and teacher. Soon after, a client rang me to see if I wanted to go to Canberra to do clinic and teach RESET. Friends of hers "wanted some of what she had had" after hearing the positive changes in her after a few sessions. So in July 2000 we headed south to the cold country. Not only were my skills challenged, but my vision was broadened as I saw the power of unresolved grief destroy the quality of people's lives.

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