Kinesiology is a bit like mystical chiropracty, I guess. Like Gandalf prodding and squeezing your bum cheeks while The Grateful Dead jam in the background.

This is the cynic's viewpoint says Maryanne Butler, who has been practicing kinesiology for more than 20 years and has run a clinic in Fremantle since 2002. She describes it as a series of muscle tests that help diagnose and correct energy imbalances in the body.

She has a degree in psychology and would make more money treating people's heads, but prefers to practice kinesiology and treat their energy imbalance instead.

"After seeing the results, I achieved with kinesiology I've never looked back," she said. "People come to me exasperated with long-term allergies, having been told by doctors they would have to use a preventive inhaler for the rest of their life. After a few kinesiology sessions their lives have been transformed."

She treats a wide spectrum of patients suffering various ailments, ranging from babies with sleep disorders to pensioners with chronic back pain. Clients fly in from all over Australia, and even New Zealand, for her treatments. Two years ago she travelled to Sumatra in Indonesia to help a teenage girl suffering obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Ms Butler was converted to kinesiology after undergoing her first treatment in 1990. "Back then I wasn't feeling so good, so I thought I would give kinesiology a go. I instantly felt better and was won over."

She says there's strong anecdotal evidence supporting kinesiology but many in mainstream medicine continue to scoff, citing the lack of empirical evidence and branding it "pseudoscience". However, it wasn't long ago that western medicine was similarly dismissing acupuncture and a range of other now-accepted "alternative" services.

Ms Butler says that after undergoing a "balance treatment" even sceptics are convinced.

"I've had die-hard non-believers come to me as a last resort and they have been amazed at the results achieved with kinesiology. It definitely works."

She plans to launch a website to promote kinesiology in the next few months but meanwhile is running a kinesiology workshop on Saturday April 17 and Sunday April 18 in the Fremantle area (venue to be determined).

For more information phone Maryanne Butler on 0417 938 227


-article by Stephen Pollock for Fremantle Herald, Saturday February 27, 2010