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Space & Energy Spritzer
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Space & Energy Spritzer

Price per Unit (piece): $25.00

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A combination of Essential Oils, Shell and Flower Essences and crystal vibration in distilled water to help cleanse the aura (energy field around the body) and any area. This spritzer was made by Divine guidance and has been used by many therapists to cleanse and rebalance the energy in their clinic rooms after each session. It allows residual energy left behind by a person or persons in any room, building, space or energy field to be cleared. This re-creates a sense of clarity, harmony and vibrancy.

Space and Energy Spritzer has been used to energetically cleanse jewellery and other possessions previously owned by another person. It is excellent to spray around the body (in the auric field) after being in a crowd, an expo, a festival, pub or any situation where exposed to large numbers of people. Also after experiencing conflict, ill-will, anger or bombardment from all sides it will help one re-group and regain clarity and composure.

Customer Reviews:

HW  (Monday, 26 October 2009)
Rating: 5
I use the Divine Essence Space and Energy Spritzer after every massage client and fine that I no longer go home tired and the energy of my clinic is
always light and bright.rn

MM  (Monday, 26 October 2009)
Rating: 5
Space and Energy Spritzer works better than any product I have used to date and is excellent after each clairvoyant pastlive reading I do to cleanse
the space and myself.

LF  (Monday, 26 October 2009)
Rating: 5
Space and Energy Spritzer helps my children settle down and go off to sleep. Two Daycare Centres are now using it to settle the children at rest

SB  (Monday, 26 October 2009)
Rating: 5
I've been using Space and Energy Spritzer for over a year now and have found it beneficial on a number of levels, particularly to improve my mood.
I've also used it to spray a room before beginning a coaching session to cleanse the sapce... and at the end of sessions. I am very happy with the
product and look forward to it being more widely available.

LH  (Monday, 26 October 2009)
Rating: 5
I experienced a home invasion and was confronted by the two offenders... I was anxious and unsettled... I was given Space and Energy Spritzer which I
applied...The results have been truly amazing... I now experience none of the negative energy or feelings in my home. I will be recommending this
product to my friends and family as a means to remove and/or reblance the energy in their homes or offices.

MB  (Monday, 26 October 2009)
Rating: 5
I use Space and Energy Spritzer to clear peoples' houses, jewellery and energy fields with amazing success and feedback.