Maryanne Butler Motivational Speaker
Maryanne has been giving inspirational talks and presentations to various groups and organisations since the 1980's... 

The subjects of her talks have been many and varied drawing from her vast array of experiences and knowledge in so many fields.  She is highly trained as a Presenter having completed the Presentation and Platform Skills Training with the Christopher Howard Training group, the organisation which many of the best international Presenters have trained under.

Maryanne is a highly inspirational speaker motivating people naturally with her enthusiasm and passion for life.  She is also well trained and qualified in the areas of Psychology, Kinesiology, NLP, Music and Spirituality, amongst others.

It is with her understanding of how the mind, the emotions and the belief systems work that she is able to help others turn around their thinking to create better solutions in their lives.  Maryanne has trodden many paths in this life and can speak well on almost any subject.  She was featured in the "In Touch" Magazine in 2002 for her work in Kinesiology and more recently interviewed by Wellness Magazine in relation to Music and Sound Healing.  In 1990 Maryanne was interviewed on NRTV News for her outstanding work with the long term unemployed people and her ability to change the mindset of the community in relationship to such people.

Maryanne introduced poetry to radio on 2BBB FM in the early 90's when she had her own radio show which then developed into regular Poetry Nights in the Bellingen district.  These attracted people from far and wide, as far south as Sydney, and her enthusiasm and encouragement saw many first time poets become budding writers.

Maryanne is well known for her work in the area of healing Australia wide and has worked internationally in the UK and Asia.  She works holistically and has been invited by numerous organisations to speak on various topics. Some of the subjects of her talks are...


  1. You are your own healer
  2. Maintaining health & wellbeing
  3. ADD/ADHD or not?
  4. Healing through the creative mind
  5. The healing power of sound and music
  6. Inner Guidance Reaps External Wisdoms  (I. G.R.E.W.)
  7. Addressing Allergies Asthma And Hayfever Alternatively (A.A.A.H.A)
  8. Same body, different mind
  9. The Seven Heavens (chakras)
  10. Headaches Out The door (H.O.T)
  11. Bully - Bad boy or sad boy? Looking at an old problem through new eyes
  12. Create Heaven or Create Hell - the choice is yours
  13. Beyond the physical
  14. Making dreams realities


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