Music has always been my first love right from a very early age.  As a youngster I would catch the bus home from school alone sometimes so that I could put my eldest brother's records on the turntable and sing and dance while no one was around...

I was far too shy to do this in company. I recall my father giving me a mouth organ which I loved to make up tunes on - I don't know whatever happened to it but I bought myself one very recently to re-ignite the juices. I began learning the piano in primary school at the age of 8 and my enthusiasms to succeed saw me practising during my lunch breaks because we didn't have a piano at home. I continued with lessons right through to the end of high school and successfully matriculated in this subject.

Over the following ten or eleven years I let music slide in my life and only dabbled a bit on guitar and sang or danced to other peoples music.

Then in 1985 I was given a flute and instantly began to play it. Around that same time I went up to Monkey Mia in WA to see the dolphins and for the first time "I heard their song". So I began to play this on my little bamboo flute with an amazing result. The dolphins began to circle me as I stood in the water playing their song and continued to for as long as I played. After a week of playing to them every day calling them in with the flute, if they had not yet come in, and having gently tapped on their fins and constantly looked at with their one eye out of the water they gave back to me!

On my last day I swam way out off the coast and lay floating on the water singing their song - they appeared from nowhere and performed what seemed to be a Divine Ritual on me. They all formed a continuous circle around me and criss-crossed from the four directions underneath me without ever interrupting their circular formations. Then one by one they shot out in front of me and then at great speed swam at me, stopping suddenly only centimetres from my chest and gently touched my heart with their noses. As this was happening something inside me ignited and to this day has never gone out. I now "hear the music" of the universe or the cosmos - its almost like everything wants to sing their song to me when I'm willing to listen. I hear the songs of the birds, the rivers, the waterfalls, the rocks, the people, the place etc etc.

I have since written or roughly recorded 100's of pieces of music - all divinely inspired. I have never said "oh now I want to write the river song" - I just ask the river for its song and it shares it with me if I am in a clear enough state.

Some of the music has lyrics, poems and even paintings that go with it. When people listen to it being played they describe being healed of some long-term trauma or say it reminds them often of whatever the song is inspired by (eg dolphins or the ocean or love etc) The cosmic music I hear is only in certain keys which must be the key signature of nature. Many people to date have been transformed and re-empowered simply by listening to this magical music. It seems to soothe the soul.

After 24 years playing this music privately in my own home or to a select few people who happen to just be there, or just out in nature itself with great vigour, I am starting to record . The music is pushing me to go public and get it out into the wider community, worldwide, so that it can do its work. What better way to heal then through music and song. So I put aside my shyness let go of my insecurities and step onto the world stage in order that others can receive its benefits. I now acknowledge that I am a composer and a channel for some of the most beautiful music the cosmos has to offer. Thank you, thank you, thank you.