The Divine Essences range includes a number of essences, spritzers and Majese massage oil.

These were all divinely inspired and made using various alchemical processes to encapsulate crystal and sound vibrations, cycles of the earth and moon, environmental rhythms and high energy vibrations, such as the harmonic concordance and the transit of Venus, plant animal and natures frequencies etc. Each product was gifted with clear instructions as to how and when it was to be made and what it was to be used for along with its own music in some cases. The essences work on a multi-dimensional level taking us deep into the core of our beings and existence.

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Product testimonials:

Space and Energy Spritzer

I experienced a home invasion and was confronted by the two offenders... I was anxious and unsettled... I was given Space and Energy Spritzer which I applied...The results have been truly amazing... I now experience none of the negative energy or feelings in my home. I will be recommending this product to my friends and family as a means to remove and/or reblance the energy in their homes or offices.
- LH
I've been using Space and Energy Spritzer for over a year now and have found it beneficial on a number of levels, particularly to improve my mood. I've also used it to spray a room before beginning a coaching session to cleanse the sapce... and at the end of sessions. I am very happy with the product and look forward to it being more widely available.
- SB
Space and Energy Spritzer helps my children settle down and go off to sleep. Two Daycare Centres are now using it to settle the children at rest times.
- LF
Space and Energy Spritzer works better than any product I have used to date and is excellent after each clairvoyant pastlive reading I do to cleanse the space and myself.
- MM
I use the Divine Essence Space and Energy Spritzer after every massage client and fine that I no longer go home tired and the energy of my clinic is always light and bright.
- HW
I use Space and Energy Spritzer to clear peoples' houses, jewellery and energy fields with amazing success and feedback.
- MB



I used Majese on my back and elbow and the pain I'd had for years subsided much to the surprise of my Doctor and myself.
- MW
My father had a fall which left him hospitalised and unable to walk. Majese was rubbed on his legs and he was able to walk again. The Doctors in attendance were very keen to know more about the product
- PW
While exercising I strained my adductor muscle in my leg which severely resticted my ablility to walk without pain. After several visits to my physiotherapist and ongoing stretching exercises over a three month preiod, the improvement in my leg was minimal. However after applying Majese the pain disappeared after two days.
- GS


Divinity Within Essence

I haven't had such clarity or had so many new ideas come to me ever before.
- MO
I am more intuitive, confident and listen to myself more now.
- TP


Moon Essence

I haven't felt so loving towards everyone before. I feel so soft, feminine and light.
- BJ


Embracing Shadow Essence

All the darkness is gone from me and if it rises up it just subsides gently before causing the usual chaos.
- PF



Essence of Light

I haven't dreamt for years and years and now can't stop dreaming. I now see life through completely different eyes.
- RB


Angel Essence

It's magical, I want four bottles to give to my friends to bring lightness and fun back into their lives.
- Deb
This is like the new party drub, I feel so light, bright, happy and energised and everyone wants to know "what I'm on" when I take Angel essence.
- PW



Calm Waters

After taking Calm Waters I had the best sleep ever and felt really grounded. I was able to sleep with my baby in my bed and no longer felt anxious and overwhelmed when my children weren't sleeping. I can't seem to hold onto what makes me anxious anymore so I'm much more relaxed and at peace.
- LF
Since using Calm Waters my two girls no longer scream and throw tantrums during dinner, but sit quietly and eat what I put in front of them. They are nowhere near as fussy with their food anymore.
- RD
My three year old was having a huge tantrum to the point that our visitors were about to leave when suddenly he went quiet. I went in to investigate as to what silenced him only to find the "Calm Waters" bottle in his hand. He looked up and said "Mummy, I needed my drops!" He downed the whole bottle and I never heard another peep out of him. Now both my boys tell me when they are getting ratty "Mummy, I need my drops" and Calm Waters works like magic. After taking the drops they both calm down and play beautifully and gently together. I also take Calm Waters hen I feel temperatures rising and I am so much more calm and able to cope.
Calm Waters is amazing. It works way better than other remedies allowing me to deal with all sorts of pressures and stresses in my company without being affected by them. It enabled me to remain calm, clear and collected even in the most difficult circumstances.
- MO
I took Calm Waters at a time when I was extremely stressed and overwhelmed after I lost four people to death in two weeks and couldn't sleep. It calmed me immediately, grounded me and helped me to cope, enabling me to get good nights sleep.
- MB