Have you ever walked into a room or a building and it just hasn't "felt" right, or been in a social setting and "felt" that you could cut the air with a knife?

... or have you ever felt uncomfortable around a certain person or felt like they have a dark cloud over their head?

Have you ever been in  a place and felt shivers down your spine or felt like someone is watching you or nearby you when there's no one physically present?

Have you head of or experienced houses where the occupants are often sick, or the relationships always break-up, or certain rooms are never used?

Have you heard of, or experienced houses etc that are said to be haunted - where alarms go off unexpectedly, lights come on by themselves, things "appear to" move themselves, water gets spilled mysteriously or a presence is simply felt?

Use the ancient arts of Divining and Dousing along with various Energetic Healing techniques learned from numerous international teachers in the art of Space & Energy Clearing, Maryanne is able to discern what is causing the disturbance and correct it.

Energy disturbances in buildings, on sites or in a person can have numerous causes both physical and metaphysical.

Metaphysical disturbances include things such as disturbed emotional energy, negative thought, byline activity, actual disturbances (ghost energy) attached to the place or objects in that place etc.

Antiques and artifacts are classic examples of objects that often have a "ghost energy" attached to them.  A person living in a house full of antique furniture recently described it like they felt they were living with a bunch of other people that they just couldn't see so they spend more of their time in a part of the house that is clear of antiques and artifacts.

Physical energy disturbances can be caused by underground water, electromagnetic radiation from power lines or electrical items, fault lines, geomagnetic stress, pressure ridges etc.

When they physical and metaphysical disturbances are clear the environment and the people in that environment can return to a natural energetic equilibrium.  This will have a direct impact on the health of the occupants and the emotional stability of the occupants amongst other things.


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After doing a clearing on a building in Medan, Indonesia, where a doctors son had murdered his entire family, a young woman who previously felt physically ill and refused to enter the centre now gladly came and spent many days there without resistance.  In fact after a week she was even talking about working as a teach at the centre much to her parents surprise. Many others (who didn't know that I'd done the clearing) commented on how different the place felt and the current occupants were visibly more uplifted and vibrant. Some of the rooms that had been closed off due to a "ghostly presence" were now being opened up to use again for classes etc

- Maryanne Butler


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